Massage, Aromatherapy and Treatments

Relax, unwind, rejuvenate 

Make time for yourself to really relax, unwind & nourish yourself by booking a massage & aromatherapy treatment with our highly qualified and experienced therapist .

Stay at The Pierhouse Hotel and Seafood Restaurant
Massage, Aromatherapy and Treatments at The Pierhouse Hotel

Health, Relaxation & Wellbeing and Deluxe Fusion Treatments

Make your stay at The Pierhouse really special. Relax, unwind & nourish yourself, all in the perfect comfort of your own room under the skilled care of our highly qualified therapist who specialises in fusing Eastern and Western treatments.

Massages & treatments

We work with a highly qualified therapist to offer Pierhouse guests a range of treatments in the comfort of their bedroom - choose from Express relaxation, Essential Wellbeing and Deluxe Fusion. 

All essential oils and skincare products are 100% organic with highest grade oils from NRH Organic, Natural Touch Solutions & award winning Vital Touch, accredited products by the Soil Association. Fully insured.

To book a treatment, please call The Pierhouse Hotel Reception Tel: 01631 730 302 or email: [email protected] Please read our Treatments Terms & Conditions below.

Massages and treatments at The Pierhouse Hotel

Express relaxation massages

A gentle introduction to the Essential Wellbeing treatments. A good choice for guests short on time. Revitalise energy, nourish dry or tired skin and de-stress mind and body. All oils are natural organic-based.

Express relaxation massages
Express Relaxation Massages: 30 mins £75; 45 mins £90

Relaxation Package: (choose two treatments) 60 mins £140; 80 mins £170

"Quick Release" Therapeutic or Swedish - Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

A short, gentle massage with sweet almond oil to release general areas of upper body tension. A simple introduction to the more comprehensive Wellbeing Range massages.

Holistic Organic Aromatherapy Facial Treatment - Back, Neck, Shoulders, Head & Scalp

Nourish, rehydrate & energise tired, dry, sun-damaged or aging skin using Organic aromatherapy & advanced dermatological natural skincare.  This treatment combines a short luxury skincare facial treatment together with relaxing aromatherapy massage to tension areas, & head & scalp pressure point acupressure treatment.

Holistic & Clinical Aromatherapy - Back, Neck, Shoulders, Head & Scalp Massage

Revitalise with refreshing blends of sandlewood, lemon & lavender essential oils, or delicious rose, geranium  & lavender. Perfect for relaxation & gentle soft tissue massage into tight areas. A taster of the personalised Wellbeing Aromatherapy massage with deeper pressure by request. 

Oriental Acupressure Relaxing Massage - Head, Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage

The perfect tension tamer. This stress-release treatment focuses on specific pressure points on the scalp and face to promote relaxation. Ideal for general wellbeing, sleep issues, anxiety and stress-related tension. A delicious luxury blend of lavender with grapefruit or neroli aromatherapy.

Reflexology or Oriental Acupressure Massage - Hand/Foot Release Massage

Restore tired, aching hands or feet. A deeply relaxing therapeutic essential hand & foot 'work out'. Gently restorative massage, ideal for arthritis, structural problems or tired, aching limbs. A luxury blend of sandlewood, marjoram, lavender & roman chamomile for clinical anti-inflammatory action and relaxation by request for a small additional charge.

Esui Reiki & Cranial Release - Healing Touch Massage

A powerful Japanese healing treatment seamlessly integrated with relaxation techniques including guided meditation, and simple breathing techniques.  The resulting emotional calm, & profound mental & physical relaxation is especially helpful for stressful events, physical trauma or illness, palliative or rehabilitative care.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Massages and treatments at The Pierhouse Hotel

The Essential Wellbeing Range

Specialist muscular-skeletal and deep relaxation treatments for guests at The Pierhouse.

Essential Wellbeing Treatments
Wellbeing Massages & Body Treatments: 60 mins £120
Full Body Treatments: 70 mins £135; 80 mins £150

Therapeutic/Swedish/Sports/Remedial – Back, Neck & Shoulders

A skillful fusion of traditional western massages. A medium pressure depth targets tension in the back, neck, shoulders & base of the neck working into the deeper occipital head muscles. Sports release aromatherapy may be requested for deeper pressure relaxation.

Holistic Organic Aromatherapy Body Balancing or Facial Treatment

A wonderfully restorative organic aromatherapy massage using the purest natural oils & plant essences, for tension or muscle fatigue, quality relaxation & clinical health conditions.  This deeply relaxing & rebalancing treatment uses gentle to firm pressure to work tight muscular-skeletal areas.  The facial treatment is ideal for nourishing, restoring & revitalising tired, dry or aging skin with head, neck & shoulders aromatherapy massage & acupressure points to stimulate deeper tissue health & hydration.

Swedish Massage/Acupressure & Organic Aromatherapy  

An advanced fusion of Eastern & Western massages, targeting core muscle groups for smooth joint ease & unrestricted movement.  This exceptional massage delivers a firmer pressure, deeper muscle release, using acupressure & aromatherapy, with luxury head & scalp massage.  Blended organic oils are chosen for your choice of relaxation, muscular release or increased energy levels.

Deep Tissue/ Deep Swedish/Acupressure & Sports  

A focused robust massage using firm to deep pressure for tight back, neck & shoulders or full body.  Ideal for tension-troubleshooting across the main structural muscle groups, using skilled application of forearms, wrists & elbows & body weight.  Ideal for gentlemen, athletes or sports enthusiasts.  

Oriental Body & Acupressure Massage  

This beautiful Eastern massage employs gentle rhythmic applied pressure through loose clothing.  Working the body’s twelve meridian channels with gentle stretchwork & a fusion of Oriental massage with head, face & scalp vital energy points.  

Traditional Acupuncture, Acupressure & Meridian Massage Therapy

Combining traditional acupuncture, oriental medicine diagnostics, with gentle meridian acupressure massage, this integrative treatment is wonderful for deep relaxation or to help with pain, muscular-skeletal, emotional stress or specific clinical health concerns.

Massages and treatments at The Pierhouse Hotel

Deluxe Luxury Fusion Treatments

The Deluxe Fusion treatments offer personalised relaxation, pure natural skincare, Western & Oriental Massage and balancing treatments.  

Deluxe Fusion Treatments
Deluxe Massage Full Body Treatments: 90 mins £165; 100 mins £180
Deluxe Gold Package: (choose 2 Deluxe treatments): 120 mins £230 (with Luxury Organic Gift Bag: £40)

Deluxe Relaxation Therapy: Swedish Massage & Organic Body Aromatherapy with Luxury Organic Facial Skincare & Head Massage for Full Body Relaxation

A wonderfully nourishing treatment to restore & rejuvenate tired, dry, damaged or stressed skin with advanced dermatological skincare.  Combining relaxing or energising acupressure points of the head, face & deeper neck muscles, this massage is for connoisseurs. This is a deeper relaxation experience blended with the purest natural organics & skincare products, personalised to your unique constitution & lifestyle needs.  

Deluxe Restorative Therapy: Traditional Body Acupressure & Oriental Head & Foot Pressure point Massage with Swedish & Aromatherapy Rebalancing Body Therapy 

A deeply relaxing & healing treatment of Eastern & Western therapies for a deeper relaxation experience.  The treatment opens with slow, rhythmic acupressure from the feet to the head, & builds into a full body Swedish massage with pressure closely tuned to your comfort.  Organic aromatherapy plant & flower essences support your unique Oriental pulse & tongue diagnostic assessment, calming & restoring the body’s natural internal balance.  

Deluxe Athletic Body Workout: Deep Tissue/ Sports with Deep Swedish Full Body

For sport enthusiasts or guests who prefer a deeper muscular work-out.  An exceptional, intensive massage, with deep acupressure for vital energy & relaxation, re-energising & invigorating tired muscles, & helping to realign & correct postural, repetitive or tension holding patterns.  This treatment works hard ¬to ensure your body works more efficiently, releasing deeper muscular structures.   By request, remedial or traditional acupuncture for deeper release.

Deluxe Organic Aromatherapy: Natural Organics Pure Aromatherapy for Relaxation

A superior Aromatherapy relaxation experience, combing traditional Oriental diagnostics & herbal medicine fragrance energetics to support your unique physical-emotional-energetic constitution.  Perfect for tired, overstressed bodies & minds, this is a beautiful cleansing & nourishing treatment, using the best organic natural oils can offer.   Treatment includes a beautiful cleansing & restoring organic facial treatment to rejuvenate tired, aging or stressed skin.

Deluxe Traditional Eastern Relaxation: - Traditional Acupuncture & Fusion Massage 

Acupuncture is a gentle, deeply nourishing & supportive therapy, especially effective when combined with a personalised balancing health overview, which may highlight areas needing attention or support.  This treatment is recommended for all muscular-skeletal or health concerns.  Encouraging powerful & deep relaxation in the physical & energetic body, it triggers opiate release to calm & relax the central nervous system, stimulating healing within the deeper body.  This restorative treatment opens with a full body gentle acupuressure massage, including a tonifying work-out to the pressure points of the feet, legs, back & scalp to invigorate & tonify the body.

Massages and treatments at The Pierhouse Hotel

Treatments terms and conditions

  1. Treatments are for adults aged 18 or over.
  2. The treatments will include a brief case history and consent form in which clients are required to complete full information to ensure there are no contraindications to receiving a treatment and in which they provide written consent and liability waiver prior to the start of the treatment.
  3. Treatments will include the use of a professional leather ergonomics treatment bed, towels and massage oils.
  4. Treatments will take place at the discretion of the therapist.  The therapist reserves the right to cancel, delay or end the treatment at her professional discretion.
  5. Treatments will start promptly at the arranged time. If the client is delayed or late for their treatment, the treatment will still run to the scheduled time.  Please be ready 5 minutes before the scheduled time to ensure the full benefits of your treatment.
  6. Your treatment will end on time so that the next client is not delayed.
  7. Clients should be aware that if a booked treatment is cancelled within 24 hours, there will be a cancellation fee for the full amount of the treatment that will be payable in full.
  8. This policy also applies if you do not attend or are unable to attend the scheduled treatment time without having made a cancellation 24 hours earlier.
  9. Should unavoidable weather conditions prevent the therapist from arriving at the scheduled time of treatment, every effort will be made to ensure an alternative appropriate time.
  10. All treatments redeemed by clients will be billed at the end of your stay when checking out of the hotel.