The Pierhouse wine list

It is always a great pleasure to select the new wines for the list. This year we've spent a day swirling our way through about eighty wines to find wines to work beautifully with the dishes on our menus.

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To chooose the wines for The Pierhouse, we were delighted, as ever, to be guided by Master of Wine, Jonathan Pedley. As well as being a massive fan of The Pierhouse, Jonathan  is one of just three hundred Masters of Wine in the World. He acts as Wine Consultant to Crown Cellars & Carlsberg UK, has lectured on wine in Britain and Australia, co-presented the “Floyd Uncorked” series for Channel 5, and is the author of the “Good Housekeeping Wine Book”.

To see our full Wine List click here but meantime we'd like to introduce you to some of our discoveries...

White wines

Given that The Pierhouse prides itself on our locally sourced seafood, it makes sense to start with the white wines that are new to the range. First up is La Piuma Pecorino. The Pecorino grape, not to be mistaken with the cheese of the same name, is planted along the Adriatic coast of Italy and has a pale greenish lemon appearance and is dry on the palate but not too sharp. It has a lovely youthful aromatic nose showing blossom scents and lots of peach and apricot fruit.

We are frequently asked for a white Rioja so by popular demand we have found a new Rioja Blanco from the famous CVNE winery. Although it comes from one of the longest established firms in the region it is made very much in the modern fruit-led style. The Viura grape retains a tasty fruit character, has a pale straw appearance and the nose is fresh showing some of that all-important zesty lemony fruit aroma with a dry palate, light bodied and refreshingly acid.

In a bid to provide an enjoyable wine with as low an ABV as possible, we have come up with the Torres Natureo Blanco from Catalunya. With just 0.5% of alcohol this Muscat d’Alexandrie grape variety is pale yellow with a green hue, lush and intensely floral with fruity aromas of green apple and citrus.

From Germany we have a new Reisling by Peter & Peter - the names of two famous winemakers who produce wines of impeccable quality. In manufacture the grapes grown on the steep slopes of the Moselle are assembled by hand. This Reisling has a yellow-golden colour showing a pleasant, harmonious taste with fresh acidity, an elegant finish and a fruity aroma of peach, apricot & spices.

Pinot Gris remains hugely fashionable. This year we have juggled our selection so that we can bring you the wonderful Waipara Hills Pinot Gris from New Zealand. Youthful on the nose with a light intensity of ripe fruit of melon and peach, it is medium on the palate and the finish being broad & honeyed.

Red wines

On the red wine front the key new listing is the Yalumba Old Bush Vine Grenache from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Grown from surviving 19th Century vines, Yalumba has access to some Grenache that was planted in 1898. Deeply coloured, surprisingly subtle on the nose with ripe red fruit and oak aromas it is full-bodied and warming in the mouth with low acidity and smooth tannins.

A couple of super Italian reds from Anforio join the list. The Chianti Classico and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano produced by Tenute Folonari are solid and tannic examples of these Tuscan classics. Medium-bodied and full-bodied respectively they have complex noses and are tantalisingly tasty.

Rosé wines

Our selection of Rosé wines see the addition of a super new Grenache Merlot Rosé from Les Vignerons. A pale, peachy, dry rosé that has delicate fruit and moderate acidity, it is definitely worth trying a glass or more.

Food and wine in partnership

Food and wine are the perfect partnership for any eating occasion, so ensuring our Wine List complements our Menu is of paramount importance. We have therefore endeavoured to provide a simple guide alongside many of the wines to show which food dishes the wines partner with particularly well. We hope you find this useful but as a rough ‘rule of thumb’ the lighter the flavour and texture of the fish the lighter and more delicate the wine should be. It is a similar story with reds, where increasingly robust meat dishes call for increasingly intense and chunky wines.

Whatever combination you go for, we hope you enjoy your meal and the wine that you drink with it. Thank you for dining at The Pierhouse.

Taste Guide

White Wine - For the white wines a scale of sweetness, defined by the Wine Development Board using numbers 1-9, has been used. Number 1 signifies a very dry wine and number 9 a very sweet wine.

Red Wine - This guide uses a simple five point A-E scale. Wines designated with the letter A are wines that are easy, undemanding and quaffable. At the other end of the scale, wines with an E grading are bigger and more concentrated, with a greater sensation of depth and fullness.

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