The Secret's Out

The secret's out - London commuters see what awaits their arrival at The Pierhouse - breathtaking scenery and fresh seafood to savour.

London commuters are being treated to images of The Pierhouse's stunning west coast of Scotland setting and deliciously fresh local seafood......all thanks to Visit Scotland's latest 'Closer than you think' poster campaign, part of The Year of Food and Drink Scotland 2015.

The Pierhouse Hotel and Seafood Restaurant features pride of place in the tourism campaign with posters in London - lining the escalators in the London Underground, in digital displays in tube station concourses and in those larger-than-life 48 sheet poster billboards! Needless to say we still get a thrill when we see our beautiful setting and seafood dishes captured in print (the posters featured first in Scotland in 2014 during the Ryder Cup).

Visit Scotland's evocative poster wording should definitely do the trick: "Brilliant moments. They come fresh from the sea. With a squeeze of lemon. You can order them. This evening if you fancy? The train doesn't take long. Enjoy the catch of the day. This very same day. Mouth beginning to water? Sorry. We just wanted to offer you some fresh food for thought....."

We're delighted, of course, to share our secret and encourage visitors to come to our lovely part of the world ....and to give London commuters something to dream about as they go about their daily lives this summer!

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