Pierhouse inspires writer

When writer Sue Gerrard makes her annual visit to The Pierhouse in May it isn’t just to recharge her batteries but also to sharpen her imagination. Sue finds our beautiful, haunting location on Loch Linnhe inspirational for both her poetry and stories.

Pierhouse guest, Sue Gerrrard, a published poet and writer, wrote her story ‘Ships That Pass’ at The Pierhouse and set it in the area featuring a ferry journey as its main theme. Sue premiered this story at a ghost story reading near her home in St. Helens, Merseyside.

Sue explained: "The story uses the island of Lismore as a background to the events that unfold and although there have been some necessary changes, Port Appin is at the heart of this chilling ghost story. I read it at the end of April and got a great response from the audience."

"Another story I have recently finished is ‘The Passengers’ which is set in the roads around this area and again is a ghost story about a journey that is anything but normal. Completing the trio of stories which have been written here is ‘The Dinner Party’ which takes a local legend from her own locale and brings it right up to date."

Sue continues: "In 2012 I was about to have published ‘The White Rabbit of Crank’ book and although I knew the ghost story I wanted to write I just couldn’t get it going. In the middle of all this work we came here for a break and the weather was gorgeous so I sat outside the hotel and got the story written in an afternoon . This was a great relief as I was up against a deadline so I will always be grateful to The Pierhouse for helping me out."

Sue has had more than 80 poems published in national anthologies and magazines and also does poetry readings and ghost story telling evenings. Among her festival work is The Warrington Festival . The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (with The National Poetry Society). For further information about Sue’s work visit her website here>.

We look forward to welcoming Sue back to The Pierhouse and await with bated breath her next Port Appin inspired story!

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