Oysters - how do you eat yours?

Some people love them ‘au natural’, while others love oysters with ‘a twist’. How do you like yours?

To cater for all tastes, The Pierhouse Chefs look for new ways to serve our popular oysters – in addition to ‘au natural’ of course! This season Oysters Kilpatrick join the menu: Loch Creran oysters topped with smoked bacon, a creamed Worcestershire sauce, breadcrumbs and gently grilled.

New to oysters? For first timers, our a la carte menu has a ‘1 oyster to try’ option. If you enjoy that, next stop is a plate of six! All you have to decide is how you’d like to eat them – natural, Rockefeller or Kilpatrick.

To help you choose, take a look at our a la carte menu here..

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