Orkney Lobster Hatchery

The Pierhouse's Nick and Nikki recently visited the lobster hatchery at Lamb Holm in the Orkneys from where many of our lobsters come. It's a fascinating place!

The hatchery has an amazing set up to assist the reproduction and growth of tens of thousands of tiny baby lobsters for release back into the sea. The photo (with David, O'Fish Shell's Assistant Manager) shows a lobster carrying berries (eggs). The lobster is kept alive in a tank to allow time for the eggs to hatch before being sold to the restaurant trade. All creel caught lobsters carrying berries are treated in this manner.

Well done to O'Fish Shell as a commercial shellfish company for their extremely high standards of ecological and environmental awareness. Through their hatchery breeding process and conscientious good practice they are very much assisting in ensuring the long term survival of the Scottish lobster and shellfish populations for future generations.

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