New generator

The Pierhouse takes delivery of a new secret weapon for winter.....a generator.

Occasionally, a wild winter storm can throw Port Appin into darkness as the power goes off. While the twinkling candlelight and roaring log burner create a lovely, romantic atmosphere in the hotel for a while, it's not surprising that after about 24 hours, people's sense of humour and patience tends to run a little thin when the hot water runs out and the bedrooms become a little chilly! However, fear no more if you are guests coming to stay at The Pierhouse in the winter months! We have taken delivery of a lovely new 125 kVA generator courtesy of generator giant - Aggreko. We will have 365 days a year constant electricity with an automatic changeover onto generator power when the mains go off! Nick can't wait to try it out but we've warned him  "be careful what you wish for!"

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