Local Moths & Butterflies

Regular Pierhouse guests Brian and Angela Stewart, who enjoy some “mothing” and butterfly hunting in the local area, share their findings with us.

Brian always brings his moth traps and goes out every morning to see what he has found the night before. Brian very kindly sent us some lovely photos and notes on their findings so that we could share it with our other guests.

Moths and Butterflies of the Pierhouse Hotel and area

Elephant Hawk Moth

Elephant Hawk Moth“One of the delights of visiting The Pierhouse Hotel during the past few years has been the opportunity to catch and identify some of the moths and butterflies to be found at or near the hotel. Visits have been made during April, May, July and October and while these have been usually of only two or three days’ duration they have allowed me (weather permitting!!) the opportunity to catch and identify some local moths and butterflies.

Some Spring finds and captures around The Pierhouse were moths such as: - Twin-spotted Quaker, Early Grey, Chestnut, Yellow Horned, Common Quaker, Hebrew Character, and Clouded Drab.

Summer catches included Common Lutestring, Flame Carpet, Foxglove Pug, Welsh Wave, Brimstone Moth, Elephant Hawk-moth and Grey Arches.

Autumn trapping resulted in Red-green Carpet, Pine carpet, Spruce Carpet, Feathered Thorn and November Moth."

Glasdrum Wood Nature Reserve

Glasdrum Wood, Glen Creran

"The immediate area to the east of Appin includes the glorious Glasdrum Wood National Nature Reserve (NNR) on the north shore of Loch Creran and on the slopes of Beinn Churalain and is a must-do for any visiting lepidopterist or nature lover staying at The Pierhouse. This is a remnant of the great oak and ash woods that covered this part of Scotland and is rich in its diversity of birds, and moths and here I have found the rare Chequered Skipper butterfly along with Peacocks, Speckled Woods and Pear-bordered Fritillaries. Moths included the larva of a Drinker Moth and an Orange Underwing in flight over birches."

Angela & Brian Stewart

Drinker Moth
Peacock Butterfly

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