Local genealogy

Recent guests at The Pierhouse with an interest in genealogy tracked down an ancestor's grave from 1850...with a helping hand from The Pierhouse's Caroline.

Mr and Mrs Reid who recently stayed at The Pierhouse Hotel decided to trace an ancestor's grave while visiting the Appin area. But they needed a little bit of help......cue Caroline who got straight on to the case!  Here's the story as told by Jean Reid:

"When my husband and I booked in for 2 nights at the Pierhouse Hotel, Port Appin, I realised that it would be a good opportunity to try and find the grave of my great, great, great, great grandfather Alan Stewart. I have been researching him on various genealogical sites for many years with no success. I happened to mention this interest to Caroline who greeted us on our arrival at the hotel.

I knew Alan Stewart’s grave was somewhere in Appin but could not pinpoint it. I did know that we had some connection with James of the Glen, of Rob Roy fame.

Caroline amazingly went on the internet and provided pages of information. That night she spoke with her father and narrowed the search down to an old disused chapel in Kiel. Next day we set off to find it. It was difficult to find but a local woman in Kiel, a small hamlet, told us there was a fascinating derelict church and graveyard about a mile away along the beach. It was well hidden and we had to climb over broken down walls to get in to it but there we found many Stewart graves, some very well preserved.

Eventually we found the grave of Alan Stewart, and it was an emotional moment for me. I now know for certain that he had been a schoolmaster at Kentallen and was able to confirm, for the first time, the date of his death. All very valuable information to help me to do further research.

Many thanks to Caroline, not just for the information but also for making our break at the wonderful Pierhouse so relaxing."

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