Life on the pier

The life of the pier in front of The Pierhouse is a good one. It has a constant stream of boats visiting it, people wandering along it to admire the views, otters eating breakfast on it and an award-winning Chef being filmed on it.....what more could a pier ask for?

There's never a dull moment on the pier. In fact, many of our guests love to sit in the Ferry Bar or on the hotel terrace with a book, their Kindle or iPad (other e-readers and tablets are available!) to read a little, browse a little and simply watch the world go by.

For those of you who haven't experienced such simple pleasures, here's a wee idea of what goes on at the pier. There's The Lismore - our ever so cute passenger ferry which takes locals and day trippers over to Point on the isle of Lismore. As the hands of the clock reach the hour, there is a definite surge in activity - shopping bags are carted down the pier, bikes are made ready for loading, dogs make a tentative pull on their leads as the yellow welly-clad ferry staff start up the engines and prepare The Lismore for it's short journey across the water. Then they are off....and it all goes quiet again for a few minutes until the boat makes its return journey. Some creel boats unload their catches on the pier and workboats from the nearby salmon fish farms bring back their weary workers after a hard days graft.

It's a pier that's well used both for work and play. Alistair gently edges Appin Boat Tours' powerful RIB alongside twice a day to take visitors on a sea tour of the local area. Visiting yachts make use of The Pierhouse's moorings and row in to shore for a drink or a meal - it's fascinating to see the different styles of yachts that arrive, to check out their names and identify which flags they are flying. Sea kayakers and open boaters launch from the beach....and paddle off into the deep blue yonder. Later in the day in the summer months, fishing for mackerel off the side of the pier is a real favourite - how many did you catch?

One morning in August saw a slightly more unusual sighting on the pier. A new video about The Pierhouse's seafood dishes was being produced. Head Chef Laura Milne was coaxed out of her kitchen to come down to the pier to inspect the hotel's lobster creels....while being filmed. One slight problem, it was a very high Spring tide that morning and the end of the pier was completely under water. But knowing that tide and time waits for no man, we drank another cup of tea and as soon as the sea receded we completed the shoot, although apologies to Laura for making her get her feet wet! (we had our wellies on!) We even persuaded some of Laura's team to take a quick break for a photo.

The finished video is available to see here....check out how blue the fresh lobsters are.....we hope you like it!

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