Clean and green

The Pierhouse's journey towards being a greener and more sustainable business continues. Our chemical cleaning products have now vanished and in their place we have a wonderful new range of award winning green products manufactured in the UK.

The new cleaning products are provided by Delphis Eco via Iain Stewart at Caledonia Washrooms. Delphis Eco aim to be green at every stage - the products are derived from sustainable, plant based resources and come with a host of environmental accreditations and approvals. Even the packaging is recycleable plastic, with eco friendly labels and glue.

So do they work? Well, the "proof of the pudding" is the enthusiastic welcome the new products have received from all our housekeeping and kitchen staff. So next time you pay a visit to The Pierhouse, you can be confident that the usual sparkling clean welcome has been achieved at minimal environmental cost.

One of the aspects of the new cleaning products that is especially close to our hearts is their reduced impact on aquatic life. As our entire business is based on the fresh produce that comes from the seas around us, anything we can do to help the marine environment has to be a good news story - something to ponder next time you sit in The Ferry Bar watching one of our local fishing boats go past.

Of course this is only a small step in our journey to being more sustainable. We're proud of how far we've come - we're delighted to have received The Green Tourism Business Scheme Silver Award and Trip Advisor GreenLeaders Silver award - but we're always on the lookout for new ideas about how we can make The Pierhouse green. If you have any thoughts please let us know...!

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