Chequered Skipper Butterfly

Glasdrum Wood beside Loch Creran is home to a very rare butterfly - the Chequered Skipper. Our guests, the Youngs, tracked it down.

Glasdrum Wood is on the north shore of Upper Loch Creran - about a 15 minute drive from The Pierhouse. Our recent guests, the Youngs, told us what they saw in the wood - and kindly sent this picture of the elusive Chequered Skipper. As Mrs Young said "People come from all over the country to see this butterfly as it only occurs within 30-40 miles of Fort William. Best time to see them is last week of May to mid-June, and although there are records from the Appin area, Glasdrum is a particularly reliable site (in good weather). It is TINY (adult wing span around 30mm), so many people don't even notice them!"

This wild woodland is a National Nature Reserve and as SNH's website says "Ash and oak dominate the woodland at Glasdrum, their trunks softened by a thick coat of mosses and lichens which drip water in the moist air. But it's the space around these forest giants that makes this place special. Where sunlight can penetrate between the trees, smaller flowering plants take hold and provide a rich larder for butterflies like the rare chequered skipper. Otters are known to slip cautiously between the woodland and the clear waters of Loch Creran."

Be sure to add Glasdrum Wood to your itinerary - it really is a very special place.

For directions, information leaflets and more info, visit the National Nature Reserve Scotland website here.

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