Bravo Pierhouse Hotel!

We have received wonderful feedback throughout the season. Sometimes one guest's review jumps out at you - like this one from Mark from Oregon, USA.

We have received wonderful feedback throughout the season - just sometimes a particular guest's review jumps out at you - like this one from Mark from Oregon, USA. Many thanks Mark, from the whole Pierhouse team.

"Staying at the Pierhouse Hotel for four nights in May 2018 was one of the true highlights of our three weeks in Scotland. Nick and Nikki Horne and their well-trained staff have already won more hospitality industry awards than they can fit on their walls, and they deserve each and every one of them. (The night we checked out, Head Chef Sergejs Savickis won the Young Chef of 2018 at the Scottish Food Awards).

The Pierhouse Hotel is a delightful place in a wonderful, waterfront location. The Pierhouse Restaurant serves up splendid meals comprised of local ingredients that looked great and were absolutely mouth watering. Oh, and then there's the bar where one can endlessly explore Scottish ales and spirits. Of course, the real star of the show here is its location. I was absolutely smitten with myself to discover such a wonderful place as Port Appin, blissfully off the radar of mass market travel writers and completely absent of coaches laden with hordes of pesky tourists. This was a great place to wrap up our time in the Highlands. Time decelerated here.

The hotel rooms were comfortable and well appointed. The dining rooms and comfortable sitting areas were loaded with personality. The people who work here seemed to be in a perpetual state of efficient movement, but nothing here seemed hurried. Take your time at breakfast and/or dinner. Enjoy the bar menu outside on the deck. Explore many of the nearby nature trails. Take a ten minute ferry ride and bike around Lismore. Take an Appin Boat Tour ride and learn about the local environment and ecology while getting an entertaining history lesson at the same time. And check out nearby Castle Stalker and see how many lines from Monty Python and the Holy Grail you can remember while chuckling to yourself. Enjoy the sunny days, the windy days and the rainy days...they're all good here.

In summary, this is a great place run by friendly people who always appeared to be happy to make time for a quick chat with their guests. Bravo, Pierhouse Hotel and Restaurant. Bravo and well done. Standing ovation from two very happy guests from the United States."

Mark M, Portland, Oregon

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