A taste of chocolate heaven

End of summer holiday blues? A salted caramel & chocolate brownie is just the ticket to cheer us up!

The summer holidays are nearly over.....youngsters are either back or heading back to school, some of us have resumend our normal work routines or returning to being the 'granny & grampa' support team!

No need to be sad though; autumn is just around the corner, full of nature's lovely colours and with plenty of warmth left in the sunshine yet.  Not convinced? Well here's a little something to cheer us all up.....a taste of chocolate heaven from our wonderfully creative Pierhouse chefs.

Salted caramel & chocolate brownie with peanut butter icecream

A star of our dessert menu is our Salted Caramel & Chocolate Brownie.

It's a dish for chocolate lovers and all of you who love the oh-so-popular taste of salted caramel.

A rich chocolate brownie with swirls of salted caramel is served warm. It's light, it's delicious, it melts in your mouth. The cool, smooth Pierhouse-made peanut butter icecream works really well the richness of the brownie. (thanks Nick for investing in the icecream making machine!)

A scattering of lemon balm on the top adds a refreshing note. Finally the chilli and chocolate sauce adds a touch of heat and little kick for the tastebuds.

Come on over to The Pierhouse and try this delicious dessert for yourselves....or have a go at making your own version at home, it's sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

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